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Dwarf Fortress Table Top RPG

I really want to write a rough (unofficial) Table Top RPG based in and on the crazy happenings that is the glorious monstrosity of Dwarf Fortress.  The stuff about it that really interests me is:

  • The totally boss combat system: I have spent my short life looking for a game system where pretty much anything can happen and shooting someone in the foot is treated like shooting someone in the foot (Rather than a HP system).
  •   Extensive but loosely held Built World/Lore: The whole randomly generated but chronological history I find really awesome and it allows for either an extensive or an episodic play style. In the case of world-building, you can read as little or as much into the game mechanics as you want inuring hilarious “facts” about the world of Dwarf Fortress.  In terms of a Table-Top RPG, first-timers can play without fear having the history/lore book thrown at them which I find problematic in other RPGs I’ve played.
  • Psychological Attributes and Mechanics as good as the Physical ones: In a Roleplay Setting, simply stuff such as you like X, you hate Y, and stuff in the mechanics such as “No I’m not going to do that it’s absolute shit, and I’m too unhappy to comply”.  This sort of stuff gives itself so much to the RPing experience with enough wriggle room to add your own personality to your character.

My general idea of this is having a group of “Adventurers” carted off to Fortresses/Settlements to:

  • Loot it (i.e. Abandoned)
  • Raid it (i.e. NOT Abandoned - also not necessary Dwarf)
  • Help defend them in a seige
  • Help ATTACK them in a seige
  • Rescue missions from goblin snatchers
  • Whatever the Game Master comes up with (Fortress Master??)  

My general idea is that each Adventurer has a “horde” where they keep all of their money/gear/loot and everyone is playing to add to and increase the value this horde (for what ever reason to they want to RP it; a ratweed addiction, pay their way through their Dwarven Physics Degree).  Hence everyone’s trying to loot as much as they can, whilst not pissing everyone off (NPC’s and PC’s).  The junk in the horde can obviously be traded for equipment you can use on these “missions”, You want to have a catapult to lay seige to nasties coming out of an abandoned fortress? Then you’ll buy and bring on the wagon 3 catapult parts and a pickaxe to mine the ammo out of a wall.

I dunno, I don’t really want to think too much about it if no-one’s interested.  Also I’m in the Australian equivalent of senior year so if I don’t watch myself I’ll be the one needing to loot fortresses to survive.

If anyone’s interested/want me to clarify my general thoughts about junk just plop me an ask.

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